PlugShare in your vehicle

If you'd like to access PlugShare within your vehicle display, you have a few options. Please know that you will need the following in order to access PlugShare within your vehicle's dashboard:

  • Vehicle with Android Auto or CarPlay compatible
  • PlugShare mobile app
  • Compatible cable or Bluetooth that establishes a connection from your phone to your car

Select your preferred option for you for more details on setting up PlugShare within your vehicle. 


PlugShare for Android Auto

Android Auto is available to all users and is compatible with Android 6.0 and up. Please make sure to update your operating system to the latest version.

Here's a link to their main page if you'd like to keep up with what can be done on Android Auto:

PlugShare on Twitter: "PlugShare on Android Auto is now available to all  users with a supported device! Browse nearby charging locations, view  bookmarked locations, and view trips that you've planned on when connected to ...



PlugShare for CarPlay

If using an iOS (Apple) device, you can use PlugShare within your vehicle display via Apple CarPlay. You will need to ensure PlugShare is downloaded on the connected iOS device, and it will appear alongside other apps in the CarPlay dashboard. You can find more information on connecting your device via Apple CarPlay here: 

PlugShare on Twitter: "We are excited to announce PlugShare is now  compatible with Apple CarPlay. You can now browse nearby charging  locations, view your bookmarked locations, and trips you've planned from the



Vehicle sign in

If your vehicle has its own display system that supports apps, you can add your PlugShare account as one of your platform options. 

  1. To tie your PlugShare account to your vehicle, follow the directions of your specific vehicle for adding an app
  2. When ready to link your account, a code will appear on the vehicle display
  3. Enter the vehicle display code into PlugShare; you can enter the code on any supported PlugShare platform:
    • Android: From the "Me" menu, select "Vehicle Log In"
    • iOS (Apple): From the "Me" menu, select "Vehicle login" from the "Your Stuff" section
    • Web: Follow the steps to edit your account profile; below Actions, you will see an option for "Vehicle Sign in"
  4. Your vehicle/device will confirm when linked


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