Using paid charging station locations

PlugShare is the most popular charging station locator with the largest database of charging locations. We cover a variety of different charging networks, non-networked stations, and locations from PlugShare members who have decided to share their residential charger for use in a pinch.

Charging access and payment methods for any specific charging location depend on the charging network that operates that location. Some require monthly memberships, RFID cards, or key fobs. Others may be located in paid parking areas. Be sure to read the location description and any check in comments for tips about what may be required to pay. 


PlugShare does not own or operate any charging locations on our map. For any issues that occur with a charging location, please contact with the operator listed on the station. You can also find details for some of our larger networks here: Network Support Details


About paid charging filters:

The "Requires Payment/Fee" filter will show you all charging locations, whether they require payment or not. Because most locations require some sort of fee (charging and/or parking), it is best to keep this toggled "on" to provide you with a larger search result.


Some charging networks have partnered with us to offer a convenient in-app payment method, Pay with PlugShare. Pay with PlugShare allows you to pay for a charging session with a credit card directly from the PlugShare app. Check out some of our Pay with PlugShare resources here.


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