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Add your vehicle.

As the EV space grows in manufacturers, so do the options for charging. There are many types of chargers out there, and PlugShare accounts for all of them. Our map is incredibly precise on the types of chargers available, which means our map's filters grow in complexity alongside the industry.

We don't want to pass that complexity onto our users! With every plug variation, we keep track of which vehicles are compatible and which ones are not. This means that we can automatically adjust some of the more technical mapping filters for you when your vehicle is tied to your PlugShare account.

We want to ensure you're navigating to the right place every time - let us worry about the filters! 

As new make and models come out, we'll be sure to update the options. If you do not see your vehicle in our selection, please contact our team with the details so that we can make the addition to our menu: Submit a request


Do you have more than one electric vehicle?

We want to make sure PlugShare suits your family's needs, so you can add up to four (4) vehicles to your PlugShare account. If you're looking to add more vehicles to your account, check out our article: Add Another Vehicle to your PlugShare account

With your vehicle(s) tied to your account, searching for locations should be a breeze. If you have multiple vehicles, you'll need to ensure your primary vehicle is selected. We have more information on switching between vehicles here: Switch between vehicles in your PlugShare account



Add a vehicle on Android

  1. From the landing page, select "Me" at the bottom of the screen
  2. Select "View Profile" toward the middle of the menu
  3. Select “Add Vehicle" on the "My Profile" page
  4. Select the make, model, and trim of your vehicle
  5. Tap "Done" below your choices to save the vehicle to your PlugShare account


mceclip0.png    mceclip1.png



Add a vehicle on iOS (Apple)

  1. From the landing page, select "Me" on the bottom of the screen
  2. Tap "Add Vehicle" under your account details toward the top of the screen
  3. Scroll through the list of cars to select the make, model, trim, and color of your vehicle
    • If the brand of your vehicle offers multiple electric vehicle models, it will expand for you to select the exact model of your car
  4. When enough details are provided, an "OK" button will appear on the vehicle's image or logo; tap "OK" to add the vehicle to your PlugShare account

mceclip2.png   mceclip3.png



Add a vehicle on the web (

  1. Select "My vehicle" on the top right corner 
  2. A pop up will prompt you to add the make, model, and trim of your car
  3. Select "Add Vehicle" to save it to your PlugShare account



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