Guide to PlugShare Map Filters

We know that our users have a variety of needs when using PlugShare. Our filters aim to meet as many of those needs as possible, getting you exactly where you want to be.

This article will walk you through everything you need to know about each category. Be sure you have your location services enabled on your device, and you can find the "Filters" icon on the lower right of the map on your mobile device or within the main menu on the web.

  1. Vehicle and Plugs
  2. Networks
  3. Location Filters
  4. Minimum Power (Kilowatts)
  5. Minimum PlugScore
  6. Temporary Filters
  7. Map Settings
  8. Region/Country

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Filter Quick Tips from PlugShare support!

  • If you add a vehicle to your PlugShare account, we will automatically default your map settings with the necessary filters. You can then add more filters at any time!
  • Be careful using too many filters, especially in areas with limited location options. If a location doesn't have any data related to a filter, like a PlugScore or power data, then it will be filtered out completely.
  • Turn and leave on "Requires Fee" when searching for locations - very few companies provide truly free charging. Our platform recognizes a paid location by either parking or charging, so be aware that if there are parking fees but the charger is free, it will still appear as a 'paid' charging location.



Vehicle and Plugs

If you have not yet done so, add your vehicle to your PlugShare account!

With your vehicle tied to your account, you should not need to adjust the plug filters. Our system will automatically filter plugs compatible with your specific vehicle, making it easier for you to find a location for your needs. 

You can further narrow your search if you want to charge with a specific type of plug, like a Fast Charger. If you want to expand your search beyond your vehicle's plugs, select "Show All" and "Toggle All" to view more locations in the area. 

Do you have more than one vehicle on your account? Select the option next to your vehicle's name to switch the vehicle and update the plug filters.

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Charging Networks

If you prefer to use a specific network of chargers or have a membership with certain charging networks, like SemaConnect or EVgo, you can filter for those options. This is helpful for users who have a payment fob or card with that company to provide easy payment.


Important Note: While we do our best at PlugShare to support our community whenever possible, PlugShare is not able to control or assist with issues at specific charging locations. If you're experiencing issues with a specific charger, you should contact the charging location directly for support. If there is not more information on the charger itself, we have compiled a list of our more common charging networks and their contact details here: Network Support Details

Please be sure to leave a Check in whenever you have a negative experience, and feel free to leave edits or report details on the location's listing whenever possible. This is the best way for our community to stay informed of location issues before their next visit!



Location Filters

You can toggle the below filters related to the location of specific chargers:

  • Show Locations that Require Payment
    • Free locations are shown by default; turning on this toggle will display both free locations and those which require payment.
  • Show In-Use Locations
    • The PlugShare map is constantly updated throughout the day based on live data directly from charging networks and the PlugShare community. Based on that data, you can toggle off the 'In-use' filter to remove locations that we know are fully in use.
    • Please know, however, that we do not always have data on every location. Using this filter does not guarantee all shown locations are available.
  • Show Restricted Locations
    • Restricted locations account for any circumstances where a specific location is not open to the public. Restrictions can include locations that are only available to employees or active customers at the location, maintain certain hours, require credentials to access (such as a garage code), etc.
  • Show Residential Locations
    • Any Home Charger listed by other PlugShare users will appear when this toggle is on.
  • Show Coming Soon Locations
    • Our charging networks and the PlugShare community add locations that they see are under construction and waiting to become fully active. Our editorial team reviews all locations in this status and will update them to active when they become available to use.




Minimum Power (Kilowatts)

As charging providers and manufacturers have ramped up maximum power intake levels, we've worked to acquire and verify power level data to provide a satisfactory starting point for power filters to work from. You can find more about our minimum power data and requirements to see these power filters here: Minimum Power Data and Filters

Important note: Power Filters are currently only available for the United States, Canada, and Australia, and you will not see this filter option if power data is not yet available in your area.




Minimum PlugScore

Our active PlugShare community consistently checks in and leaves comments about the locations near you; these check ins can translate into a location's PlugScore, which appears in the green rectangle to the left of each location listing. If you'd like to filter to the locations where our users provide the highest scores, this option will come in handy.

We encourage all of our users to provide honest experiences and feedback whenever possible; it can make a major impact on someone's decisions when visiting a location. You can find more information on this here: Station Check ins




Temporary Filters

Temporary Filter selections will provide you with options to show Pay with PlugShare and various other amenities. 

Pay with PlugShare

We've partnered with some charging networks to offer Pay with PlugShare, a feature that allows you to pay for a charging session directly from the PlugShare app. While this feature is available to all PlugShare account holders, it is only available in certain regions with participating networks. Click here to learn more about Pay with PlugShare.


Amenities help find local accommodations while you are charging your vehicle. Another helpful tool in case other requests you desire arrive at the same time.




Map Settings

From your mobile device, you can adjust settings for how the map is displayed; maybe you want to see a Satellite view or even see basic traffic settings.


Remember, PlugShare is a mapping tool to help locate EV charging locations; PlugShare is not a navigation platform. Our app integrates directly with popular navigation apps, like Google Maps and Waze. Tap "Get Directions" from any location in the PlugShare mobile app, choose your preferred navigation app, and get moving!


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