Review your Personal Activity

Just like the Community Activity Feed can be useful for reference, your Personal Activity can be a helpful tool. Maybe you forgot to bookmark that really great location you checked into last week, or maybe you want to take a look at just how frequently you're checking in and charging your vehicle away from your home charger.

Select your platform below for more details on locating your Personal Activity:


My Activity:

Your Personal Activity will show you an active history of all your location check-ins, uploaded photos, and locations you have added to PlugShare you have made from your PlugShare account.

Recently Viewed:

Your list of Recently Viewed locations can be especially handy if referring back to locations while deciding where to visit or for checking into a location after you've viewed it. Any listing in your recent views can also act as a quick port for leaving a check in at that specific location.


View personal activity on Android

For My Activity:

  1. From the landing page, select "Me" at the bottom of the screen
  2. Within the "Me" page, select "View Profile" toward the top of the menu
  3. From the "My Profile" page, scroll down to "Recent Activity" 

For Recent Locations:

  1. From the landing page, select "Me" at the bottom of the screen
  2. Within the "Me" page, select "Recently Viewed Locations" toward the middle of the menu

mceclip1.png  mceclip0.png




View personal activity on iOS (Apple)

My Activity and Recent Activity can both be found from the "Me" menu:

  1. From the landing page, select "Me" at the bottom of the screen
  2. Within the "Me" page:
    1. Select "My Activity" toward the bottom of the menu options
      • Tap the activity if you'd like to view the specific location
    2. Scroll toward the bottom to see your "Recently Viewed Locations"
      • You'll see the five (5) locations you last viewed from your PlugShare iOS app
      • Tap "Check In" to the right of the listing if you'd like to leave a check in for that location





View personal activity  on the web (

  1. Click your Profile button ([your display name]'s Profile) toward the top right of your screen
  2. Select the option you'd like to review within the Profile window - "Recently Viewed" or "My Activity"

My Activity:

This tab will populate your ten (10) most recent activities, and you can click "View More" at the bottom of the list to show the next 10.

If you'd like to see the specific location details, click the hyperlinked location's name in blue.



Recently Viewed:

This tab shows the last ten (10) locations you have viewed in your PlugShare account on the web. Scroll to the bottom of the window and click "View More" to populate the next 10 of your recent searches. 

If you'd like to quickly check in from this page:

  1. Select the thumbs up, thumbs down, or leave a comment icons next to "Leave a check in"
  2. Complete your check in for that location when the Check in window appears 


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