Get started: Pay with PlugShare

Here's our quick-start guide to using Pay with PlugShare! Please remember that Pay with PlugShare (PWPS) is only available at locations with our participating network partners, which also means that it is limited to certain regions. You can find more details on how Pay with PlugShare works here: What is Pay with PlugShare?


Are you new to the PlugShare community?

If so, welcome! You will need to create a free PlugShare account in order to use Pay with PlugShare - check out our article with more details and resources on creating your account: Create your PlugShare account


Note: The best way to use and manage Pay with PlugShare is through our app on your mobile device. Pay with PlugShare on the web is best used for reviewing your use history and has removed payment functions from this platform.


To use Pay with PlugShare:

  1. Launch the PlugShare app and log into your PlugShare account
  2. From your PlugShare account, open the full Station Details window via search or by tapping the Station Summary icon from the PlugShare map
  3. Review any pricing and location information (Find our tips here)
  4. Tap the "Pay with PlugShare" button from the Station Details
  5. Confirm the specific charger you will be using and tap "Pay" in green
  6. Select your payment source (Find more on payment methods here)
  7. Tap "Confirm Charge" and start your charging session
  8. Use PlugShare to monitor the status of your charging session.

Having trouble at the station? Check out our PWPS troubleshooting tips: Top Tips: Pay with PlugShare


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