Cost for Pay with PlugShare

The cost to use Pay with PlugShare (PWPS) will depend on the specific location you visit. Before visiting any paid charging location, we recommend you review:

  • The "Cost" section below the general information of the Station Details window. Any Pay with PlugShare charges you can expect will be outlined here
  • Other location details, like the location hours and the description. The description can be especially helpful for informing you on how difficult finding the charger could be as well as whether you may need to pay for a parking spot.
  • Recent location check ins from other PlugShare users. Many users will include comments about the most recent charging rates or their experience with successfully activating the charger.

Check out our guide on the Station Details window or more on using Pay with PlugShare for more information!

Important notes when using Pay with PlugShare:

You may see a pending authorization hold on your credit card bill after a transaction. Please know that this is a temporary authorization hold placed by the credit card processor, and the actual billed amount from your charging session will appear on your account once the transaction is processed. Processing times can take anywhere from 2-3 business days.

If you have an urgent billing question, please contact the company of the charging location that has billed you directly. PlugShare will never bill you directly. If you cannot find contact details on the charger itself, we have a list of contacts for some common charging networks here: Network Support Details



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