Trip Planner: Add and remove stops/locations

After you've created and saved your trip, you may need to go back and make edits. It absolutely happens! Select whether you're using PlugShare on the web or the PlugShare iOS (Apple) app for more detail on adding or removing stops on your trip.

If you're looking to make larger changes to your route, such as adding a detour or reversing your trip, check out Trip Planner: Edit your route.

Important note: At this time, trips cannot be created, removed, or edited on PlugShare's Android app or on using a mobile browser (a screen less than 1200px wide). Please make any edits using a desktop browser or our iOS app, and then access the updated trip on your device.


Add a stop on the web (

  1. Click the three lines (hamburger menu) on the top left to open the main menu
  2. Click the three lines (hamburger menu) on the top left to open the main menu
  3. Open the "Trip Planner" option and select the saved trip you wish to edit
  4. From the Trip Planner panel on the right of your screen, click "Add a stop" to get specific on where in your route you wish to add stops
  5. Select a location from the options shown on the PlugShare map (try to choose within the Range Radius!)
  6. Click "Add to trip" from the location's popover

To remove a stop, you can:

  • Click the X next to the location name on the Trip Planner panel to the right
  • Open the location details on the map and click "Remove from Trip" within the location popover





Add a stop on iOS (Apple)

  1. From the landing page of the PlugShare app, select "Trips" on the bottom of the screen
  2. Within the "My Trips" page, select the trip you wish to edit
  3. Tap "Edit" in the top right of the trip
  4. From the locations shown on the PlugShare map, select any location
  5. Tap "Add to trip" from the location's detail sheet

To remove a stop, you can:

  • Remove from the map view:
    1. Tap location you wish to remove (indicated along the route in dark blue)
    2. Tap "Remove" from the location's detail sheet
  • Remove from the list view:
    1. Tap "View List" on the lower right of the trip
    2. Swipe left over the location you wish to remove 
    3. Tap "Delete" in red to confirm the location's removal from your trip

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