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PlugShare's Trip Planner tool generates a route based on the most efficient option with plenty of charging locations along the way. While it works well for most travelers, we know it doesn't suit everyone's needs. Maybe you're planning a road trip with some fun detours along the way, or maybe you prefer to take a specific route that mapping data doesn't recognize as ideal. Regardless of the reason, here are some scenarios and tips for how to use the Trip Planner to meet your unique needs!

This article intends to advise on how to make big changes to your overall route that significantly impact the charging locations you would visit. If you want to add/remove locations along the suggested route, check out our article Trip Planner: Add and remove stops/locations


Important note:

The intended functionality of the Trip Planner is to suggest and add locations consecutively to your route as you choose them, regardless of the actual location of the stops. Our product team is aware of the functionality limitations, however please bear in mind: This article is giving workarounds to common scenarios that our users have raised, and these workarounds work against PlugShare's intended functionality. All of the workarounds here work best if you implement them BEFORE adding charging locations to your route.

For the best experience using the advice in this article, clear all charging locations before manipulating your route.


Reminder: At this time, trips cannot be created or edited on PlugShare's Android app or on using a mobile browser (a screen less than 1200px wide). Please make any edits using a desktop browser or our iOS app, and then access the updated trip on your device.



Detour your route (on the web)

You'll want to go ahead and create your trip using the route recommended by PlugShare. After the basics of your trip are confirmed, you have a few options to add detours. Remember, you'll want to add any detours or other locations before you add charging locations to your route!

To make a specific detour:

  1. From the Trip Planner panel to the right, click "Add Stop" after your starting location
  2. Type the location into the search bar where you would like to stop during your trip
    • You can enter a specific address or a landmark, like Golden Gate Park, for a specific stop
  3. PlugShare will automatically adjust your route, and you can continue selecting charging locations along the updated route




Adjust the recommended route (on the web)

  1. From the Trip Planner panel to the right, scroll to "Show Along Route Only" and uncheck the option
  2. Scroll back up to the list view of stops and click "Add Stop" after your starting location
  3. From the map view, select a charging location along the route you prefer to take
    • You may want to zoom into the map to ensure you're getting as close to your preferred route as possible
  4. Click "Add to trip" on the location's popover, and PlugShare will automatically adjust your route
  5. Check that the updated route looks good, adding and removing charging locations as needed
  6. Extra tips from PlugShare Support:
    • We recommend re-checking "Show Along Route Only" after adjusting your trip to help you select charging locations close to your route
    • If you need to add charging locations after your starting point, click "Add Stop" after the starting location again to ensure stops are selected in order and to see the Range Radius
    • If you want to adjust your charging locations along the updated route, be sure to add the appropriate stops FIRST before deleting the location that controlled your re-route





Detour your route (on iOS)

Most often, adding route detours is simpler on the web. You can search specific locations, and you have the option to add specific stops exactly where you want to see them. If you're on the go and need to adjust your route on your iOS (Apple) device, we have some options for you.

If you're creating a trip and know you want to take a different route or detour altogether, you should select the option that most closely matches your desired route to get the trip started. After the route has been created:

  1. Save your trip and then tap "Edit" in the top right of the trip
    • If you previously created the trip, then select it from the "Trips" page, which you can open by tapping "Trips" from the landing page
  2. Following the route you prefer to take, find a charging location along that route
    • If you're looking to detour to a specific place, you'll want to find a charging location as close to your detour location as possible
  3. Tap "Add to trip" on the location's popover, and PlugShare will automatically adjust your route
  4. Check that the updated route looks good, removing and adding charging locations as needed

mceclip0.png    mceclip1.png



Edit your destination (on iOS)

The start and destination address of your trip are locked for editing in PlugShare's iOS app. If you do not have access to a desktop browser and need to edit your destination on the go, here's some advice from PlugShare's support team:

  1. From the landing page, select "Trips" on the bottom of the screen
  2. Within the "Trips" page, select the trip you wish to edit
  3. Tap "Edit" in the top right corner of the trip
  4. Find your new destination on the map (zooming in as needed)
  5. Tap a station which is located as close to your preferred destination as possible
  6. Tap "Add to trip" on the location's popover, and PlugShare will automatically adjust your route
  7. Check that the updated route looks good, removing and adding charging locations as needed


A quick note:

This guidance is best if there is a large change to your destination which will impact other stops on your trip. If your destination has changed, but does not impact the route or charging locations you've already planned to visit, then it's best to leave your trip without edits. When visiting the last charging location on your trip, enter your desired destination directly into your navigation app instead of accessing directions via PlugShare.


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