What if I want to understand a very specific segment of EV drivers?

That’s one of our strongest assets. Our panel is so large we can slice and dice segments in very specific ways. Demographics, driver behaviors, geography, vehicle type, attitudes, and more. All panelists also take a detailed profiling questionnaire that helps with segmenting, including things like:

  • income, age, gender, education, zip code, age, type of residence, ethnicity, presence of children
  • previous and current vehicles owned (gas and EV)
  • home charging method/patterns
  • EV purchase/lease experience
  • reasons for EV adoption
  • NPS scores (willingness to recommend)
  • commuting patterns
  • workplace charging
  • pre-purchase/lease media outlets used for EV info
  • solar penetration and purchase interest
  • leasing vs. ownership
  • attitudes toward environmental issues
  • date of vehicle purchase/lease

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