About the PlugShare community

PlugShare brings together the largest community of EV drivers in the world. The PlugShare app is built for and powered by more than 1 million monthly members who use it every day to get the most out of their electric vehicles. Our community supports many of the largest benefits of using PlugShare:


Reviews and Tips

When our users visit a charging location, they check in when they charge. Our community is great about sharing tips, comments, and photos directly in the app to provide a snapshot of their charging experience.

You'll often find helpful tips on charger reliability or how to navigate those hard-to-find chargers at certain locations too. Check ins keep our community informed so that you can determine if going to a particular location is right for your needs. Find out more on check ins here: Station Check ins


Community Moderation

PlugShare encourages users to submit requests to add new charging locations or report errors with location listings. Some location owners even allow our community to make changes to their listings in real time, making our map the best space for live updates on your favorite charging spots. 


Home charging locations

Some community members share their personal home charging stations. These locations appear on the PlugShare charging map if the residential location filter is selected. There are thousands of home charging locations listed on PlugShare, helping to fill gaps in the public charging infrastructure.

Users who make their home charger available have complete control over the times and terms of their locations’ availability, how other members can contact them, and what personal information is displayed. If you'd like to make your home charger available to other users, you can find more information here: Home Charging Stations

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