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We're working hard to ensure PlugShare continues to evolve and meet the needs of our users. If you have specific feedback or requests for our team as you use the PlugShare platform, we'd love your input!

Some of our favorite suggestions include new location requests or feature requests (Trip Planner's creation was sparked by community feedback!). You can also send us any issues you experience, and our team will help to troubleshoot and pass the details along for future improvements.

CLICK HERE to submit our feedback form to the team.

When completing our feedback form, you'll need to confirm the specific type of feedback you're submitting. We appreciate as much detail as you can provide, and screenshots are always helpful.

You can find our feedback categories below; feel free to click any link for additional tips that can help us take feedback requests forward more efficiently.

User input helps to shape the future of PlugShare, so please do not hesitate to send us your suggestions!


Important Note: If you're experiencing issues with a specific charger, you should contact the charging location directly for support. If there is not more information on the charger itself, we have compiled a list of our more common charging networks and their contact details here: Network Support Details

While we do our best at PlugShare to support our community whenever possible, PlugShare is not able to control or assist with issues at specific charging locations. Please be sure to leave a Check in whenever you have a negative experience, and feel free to leave edits or report details on the station location's listing whenever possible. This is the best way for our community to stay informed of location issues before their next visit!


General Feedback

Exact details are extremely helpful for us, and we love screenshots if you're able to provide them! Even if there are your thoughts on PlugShare, the more information we have, the better we can develop PlugShare into an even better tool for finding charging locations!

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Feature Request

Some of our best updates have come from users like you! Our paid version to remove ads was inspired by our community, along with filter requests for easier searching and Trip Planner tools to plan your next road trip!

Our team receives requests for new features all the time, and we work hard to appropriately review and prioritize these requests based on what will best support the PlugShare community. To make your request stand out, here are some details that can help our product team get your request into the pipeline:

  • Exact details of what you're looking to see
    • Is it a function? the placement or appearance of a button? a combination? 
  • Let us know how this request will improve your experience with PlugShare
    • This helps us prioritize requests or even find ways we can incorporate a new function into another existing feature
  • Screenshots of where you're hoping to see a request (if applicable)

After receiving your request, our support team will confirm that they've passed it along internally. They'll also provide you with any tips that could help improve your experience related to the request whenever possible.

Please note that due to the high volume of these requests, our product team is unfortunately unable to confirm if or when your request will make it into the PlugShare platform. That said, requests are often re-prioritized if we get similar feedback from multiple different users - so don't let that stop you from submitting something to us! The more requests heard, the better we can create PlugShare!

Submit your Feature Request


Bug or Error

Exact details are extremely helpful, not only for us to resolve the request; feedback from our users supports the larger PlugShare community. We always want to provide the smoothest and most accurate information in our platform as possible. Please try to include:

  • Screenshots of the issue or error message
  • Platform (Android, iOS, web) where you experienced the issue
  • Detailed description of how the error/issue was produced

Our support team receives all feedback forms so that they can assist you when possible or escalate to our production teams. We aim to provide quick and thorough service for any user requests

Submit your Product Issue


New Station Location Request

If you're unable to add a new charging location to the map, then our support team can help! When you submit this type of request, please be sure to:

  • Include "New Location Request" in the subject line
  • Include the below details within the description box:
    • New location's exact address
    • Charger details (number of stations, plug type, kW rate)
    • Whether the location is active/coming soon
    • Any network details, contact information, photos, etc. which may be helpful for us to complete and publish the new listing

If you tried adding the location to the PlugShare map and received an error preventing you from saving it, please let us know! Any screenshots or details of your experience can help our team resolve the issue for you as they work to add the new location.

Submit a New Location Request


Station Issue

If you would like to report an inaccuracy or error for a specific station location listing, it's best to use the "Report Inaccuracy" button directly on the location's edit page. Here's more information on where to find this: Edit Public Charging Location Station Details

If you cannot find the "Report Inaccuracy" button, our support team is happy to escalate any matters to the team. Please be sure to provide the below details in your request:

  • Location listing name
  • Station location address
  • Pricing change
  • Status changes

Submit a Station Issue

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