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Welcome to the PlugShare community! We're so excited for you to join us.


PlugShare is a community-based tool that guides users to available charging locations around the world. The PlugShare app is completely free to use, and you can rely on us. Your neighbors are providing in-the-moment updates about the charging locations near you so that you to make an informed decision on where to charge and keep moving.

If you're new to PlugShare, we've broken down the key steps to getting started and familiar with the PlugShare platform:

  1. Access PlugShare (online or download the app)
  2. Register to create an account
  3. Add your vehicle**
  4. Find nearby station location
  5. Check in at the station location
  6. Add a location
  7. Try out our Trip Planner
  8. Pay with PlugShare

**Adding your vehicle is our biggest tip for to using PlugShare easily and effectively.


1. Access PlugShare

You can access PlugShare on the web ( or download the PlugShare app to your mobile device (available for Android or iOS (Apple)

If you've never used PlugShare and have the time, we recommend signing up and getting comfortable on a desktop computer first. We've been able to pack additional features into our web app, including a legend for map icons, expanded search filters, and more Trip Planner functionality.


A note about the Windows Phone app store:

At this time, PlugShare is not available in the Windows Phone app, and we do not have an estimate for when this version will be implemented. If a Windows Phone app becomes available, we will inform all users both on our website and through the Windows App Store. We thank you for your patience on this matter!


2. Register for PlugShare

While not required, a PlugShare account will ensure you make the most of it. A PlugShare account allows you to save your vehicle, bookmark your favorite locations, create trips using Trip Planner, and take advantage of the PlugShare community


3. Add your vehicle

Wondering how to get the most out of PlugShare? Add your vehicle!

When your vehicle is added to your account profile, you never have to worry about viewing incompatible stations - we'll only show you options that apply to you. You can manually filter for charger types, but we highly recommend letting our platform do the more complex work for you. When we know the basics about your vehicle, we'll take care of it!


4. Find a nearby station location

You're using PlugShare to find charging locations near you, so let's do it! You can use the search feature or enable location services on your device.

When you're getting started, reviewing locations and features on a desktop browser is a great way to get familiar with PlugShare. That said, it's best to use the PlugShare app on your mobile device (with location services enabled) for the best experience finding a location on the go.

And remember - add your vehicle! Otherwise, you may be viewing locations with chargers that won't work for your needs. When deciding on a location to visit, consider some of these factors:

  • PlugScores show the highest-rated locations based on user check ins
  • Station details and photos can help you with last-mile navigation
  • Reviews and tips from other users let drivers know what to expect at each location
  • Real-time availability 


5. Check In

When you've visited a location, it's best to complete a check in. When you check into a specific location, you're saving it to your PlugShare history for easy reference. Check ins are also your opportunity to leave feedback on the location, report inaccuracies, or add any tips for other PlugShare users. Good or bad, you're contributing to the larger PlugShare community and keeping track of the locations you like (or don't like) to use.


6. Add locations

The PlugShare database is maintained in a joint effort between PlugShare, our users, and our charging network partners. Crowd-sourcing this effort is one of our greatest features to ensure that we're always providing users the most up-to-date location information available.

If you notice a location is missing from the PlugShare map, then consider adding it! You can add a public charging location, which our editorial team will review and verify. You can also add your home charger if you'd like to offer it to fellow PlugShare users in a pinch. 


7. Try out the Trip Planner

If you're planning to take a longer route that requires you to stop for a charge along the way, our Trip Planner tool can help you find the best charging locations to stop before you leave the house. Once planned, your trips are saved to your account unless you remove them. This means your favorite routes are always available to you when you're ready to get moving! 


8. Pay with PlugShare

At certain participating charging locations, you will have the option to pay for charging sessions directly from the PlugShare mobile app. There are no membership fees, balances, commitments, or recurring billing plans. If a location supports Pay with PlugShare, you will automatically see the option within the Station Details.

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