PlugShare Key Features

PlugShare offers a host of features that have made it the most popular EV charging station locator app. We've listed a few of the key features below - click any link to learn more!

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  • PlugScores show the highest-rated locations based on user reviews.
  • Check ins provide reviews and tips from other users, as well as real-time availability.
  • Vehicle profiles automatically filter for compatible plugs, only showing locations that work for your needs.
  • Photos and station details help drivers with last-mile navigation.
  • Community moderation allows users to add new charging locations or report errors with Public Charging Locations.
  • Robust filters allow drivers to narrow their location preferences.
  • Trip Planner helps plan longer road trips that require charging along the way.
  • Pay with PlugShare allows users to pay for charging conveniently through our mobile app at participating locations.
  • Home Chargers shared by the PlugShare community help fill the gaps in the public charging infrastructure.
  • Messaging lets drivers coordinate with each other if needed.
  • Notifications can alert users when a new charging location is installed nearby.
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