Home Charging Stations

While it's not required to add your Home Charger to use PlugShare, our community provides thousands of shared charging locations throughout the world to help fill the gaps in the public charging infrastructure.

To access PlugShare's network of private charging locations, you must register for a PlugShare account. For more details on using private home charging locations, please review the topics below:

Users have complete control over the times and terms of their locations’ availability, how other members can contact them, and what personal information is displayed. When you select a specific Home Charger, be sure to review the Station Details closely to confirm availability and owner's directions for use.


A quick note:

Sharing electricity is cheap! Charging a car on a standard outlet costs about 15-30 cents (USD) an hour depending on your country or region. If you'd like to participate in adding your Home Charger to the PlugShare map:



Using a Home Charger

On the PlugShare map, you will recognize a Home Charger location based on the home icon:

Screen_Shot_2022-05-05_at_4.21.56_PM.png            mceclip0.png

  1. Tap the Station Summary icon on the PlugShare map to open the full Station Details window
  2. Review the location description and details provided by the owner
  3. Tap "Message User" at the top of the Station Details to contact the location owner and coordinate visiting their location



Cost to use Home Chargers

At this time, it is free for PlugShare community members to use the Home Chargers of other community members. While we have seen feedback from users for the ability to receive payment for the use of their Home Charger, we do not have plans to add this feature.

That said, some location owners may state terms of payment to use their Home Charger within the Station Details. Be sure to thoroughly review the details provided by the location owner and ask any clarifying questions in your messages before visiting any home charging location. 


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