Report a broken charger

Sometimes there are broken chargers which have not yet been flagged on the PlugShare map. We encourage you to take the following steps to resolve the issue and flag the charger for others in the PlugShare community.


1. Contact the charging network for immediate support

PlugShare does not own or operate any of the charging locations on our map, so the station operator must handle any issues or errors with their chargers. We suggest that you contact the location directly for support (you should find contact details on the charger itself or you can find the details for some of our larger providers). 


2. Check in at the location as soon as possible!

When you check in at the location to report the issue on PlugShare, you can alert fellow users of the problem. Our station operator partners also monitor these reports and their PlugScore to track their performance; they are often able to resolve problems and engage with you directly.

For more details on the check in process and impact: Station Check ins


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