Trip Planner on Android app: Route Search

At this time, the PlugShare Android app is best for reviewing and accessing directions for trips which have already been planned and saved. To review and start a saved trip on your Android device, select "Trips" at the bottom of your screen.

If you need to create or edit a trip, we recommend doing so on using a desktop browser where you'll find our most robust features to support the trip planning experience. When you create and save a trip on the web, that trip is saved and available for review across any platform and device where you are logged into your PlugShare account.

We've created a thorough guide for planning trips on the web and included answers to some commonly asked questions:

Check out our complete guide for planning your first trip here!


While limited, you do still have a few options for using this the Trip Planner within your Android app! Please select the below which might work best for you:

Please know that our team is actively working to create a more robust version of Trip Planner for Android to include functionality more similar in the iOS and Web versions of the PlugShare platform. Additional features and improvements are in the works, so stay tuned!


Alternate Trip Planner resources:



Planning a simple route directly from your Android device

  1. From the landing page, select the "Route" icon above the filter icon on the bottom right
  2. Within the "Route Search" page, enter your starting and ending destinations
  3. Tap "Search" to see charging locations along your route
  4. Open the Station Details window for locations that work best for you
  5. Tap "Get Directions" or copy the address in the details to pull up your navigation based app to get started

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