The importance of Check ins

When our users visit a charging location, they check in when they charge. Our community is great about sharing tips, comments, and photos directly in our platform that provide a snapshot of their charging experience. These check-ins allow everyone to make informed decisions on where to charge their vehicles, and they are the basis of what makes PlugShare the leading community-based source for finding charging locations.

As a member of the PlugShare community, we're counting on you!


Completing a check in is simple: report the success (or not) of your experience and confirm a few details on your vehicle. You'll also have the option to leave comments for the location owner or other drivers. We want all of our users to feel comfortable with the check-in process, so please review our step-by-step guide: How to Check in at a station location

The benefits of a check in are huge, for yourself and the PlugShare community:

  • Refer back to charging locations you've used in your personal Activity Feed to more easily find locations that you enjoy (or don't enjoy!) using
  • Influence a location's PlugScore by simply confirming whether or not you were able to charge
  • Leave check in comments about your experience, which often work as reviews or as basic tips for visiting the location

All check ins are public-facing to the PlugShare community, and you can find some of our best practices here: Check in Best Practices

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