Edit or delete a station check in

If needed, you can edit your comments from a station check in or delete the check in altogether from PlugShare's mobile app.

Note: This function is only available in PlugShare's mobile app for Android or iOS (Apple). If you are unable to delete or edit the check in yourself, feel free to Submit a request to PlugShare support for further assistance.



Delete a check in from PlugShare's mobile app

  1. Open your personal Activity Feed
  2. Select the check in you wish to delete to open the location's Station Details window
  3. From the "Check ins" section of the Station Details, tap your check in you wish to delete
    • If you do not see it on the Station Details window, tap "See All Check ins" in blue to view all check ins from that charging location
  4. On the check in sheet, you'll see options to Edit or Delete your check in
  5. After selecting Delete, confirm in the pop-up that you would like to Delete the check in

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